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About Makkah Carpets

Makkah Carpet has a strong reputation in the Indian rug and carpet business. They are recognized for their excellent hand-made and excellent collection of carpets. These carpets are created with the highest quality threads and textiles, making them suitable for any home decor.

Makkah Carpet has a large selection of styles, colors, and designs to pick from. Whether you prefer classic or modern styles, you'll find something to suit your preferences. All of their rugs and carpets are hand-woven & produced with the highest attention to detail to guarantee that they will last for many years.

Our carpets are generally handcrafted to achieve grandeur and excellent quality that promises to improve as they age in the long term. Each delicate knot of the rug and weaving is a patient action, preserving the raw integrity of the organic fibers and a viable tradition of traditional procedures. Its painstaking craftsmanship results in a respectable carpet with the rigor to match.

Our carpets are gorgeous and silky in feel, available in a variety of colors ranging from bright to neutral, and in a variety of textures. Makkah Carpet has a wide selection of designer carpets in various sizes that are appropriate for the bedside and other areas of the home. We provide a large selection of carpets ranging from classic to modern in plain colors and sizes. Our traditional hand-knotted Persian carpets frequently depict old motifs influenced by the traditions of Persia.

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